UG Flex UrbanGold Flex

UG Flex UrbanGold Flex


UrbanGold for maximum flexibility

Core of the UrbanGold Flex Technology is the HENRI smelting vessel. It can be embedded in various process chains to allow a customer tailored recycling solution.
The UrbanGold Flex process is specially designed for lowest-grade scraps. After smelting in the HENRI and converting e.g. in a TBRC, the liquid melt is atomized to achieve raw copper powder. By leaching the base metals, a fast separation from the precious metals can be achieved. Both leaching solution and solid residue are processed individually to technically pure products.
Conventionally, raw copper is pyrometallurgically refined to anode copper and further purified by electrorefining. This process route follows the conventional way of secondary copper production and – combined with the HENRI smelting vessel – shows the highest flexibility in respect of raw material qualities. All from lowest-grade e-waste fractions via alloys to cable scrap can be included in plant design. Logically, this is called the UrbanGold Flex design.

Obviously, the HENRI smelting furnace can be integrated into an existing copper plant. The black or optionally raw copper from this UrbanGold integrated plant can easily be introduced either in the converting or pyro refining stage. Such a concept enlarges the raw material portfolio of any plant by lucrative E-Waste fractions – to boost precious metals production.

In order to realize a decentralized smelting combined with an established refining infrastructure, the HUB Smelting concept has been developed. These small local HENRI MiniSmelters (or alternatively other smelting furnaces) provide a precious metal containing copper alloy, which can be sent to larger refineries.




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