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Environmental aspects

UrbanGold’s environmental concept is based on three pillars: Closed loop processing, optimized utilization of waste heat and treatment of exhaust gases and wastewater. In addition, it is crucial that all resulting by-products are usable and marketable materials.

Closed loop process

Practically all the non-marketable residues from the pyro- and hydrometallurgy are returned to the smelting furnace. This re-circulation of all the by-products into the process is not only significant from an environmental point of view (zero waste strategy). In fact, a residue cycle that allows the recovery of metals is necessary also in regard to the content of precious metals.

Process heat

WEEE-concentrate contains organic components, that can’t be efficiently separated via mechanical treatment. These substances are thermally decomposed in the smelting furnace and therefore an autothermic smelting process is performed (i.e. without additional fuel). Furthermore, the utilization of the excess heat is advantageous and can be realized by a waste heat boiler. Because of this process, the waste heat can be used to generate electricity, process steam, or even district heating. Depending on the proportion of organic components in the raw material, even a considerable overproduction can occur.

Off-gas treatment

WEEE contains halogen compounds that are evaporated during the thermic reaction and that lead to a significant contamination of the process gas. Off-gas treatment according to the most modern technologies is essential for an environmentally friendly process. UrbanGold’s technology offers a solution specifically tailored to the raw material, not only to comply with the strict European legislation, but also to play a pioneering role in the recycling industry.