Rare earths, source of progress and conflicts

Due to their versatile and wide applicability, scarcity of economically exploitable ore deposits and little developed refining technologies, rare earths are valuable trending materials with increasing demand.

However, it is not known by the general public what actually is going on around these unique raw materials. In the following weeks, starting with the new year, we are going to release a set of short publications in order to provide some insight about the current situation regarding the rare earths.

Technological and environmental issues are going to be covered in an easily understandable format by giving the reasons and consequences that led to the current economic and political international affairs. Recent topics such as the competition between China and the USA are going to be reported as well.

Simply with facts – which measures different countries follow in order to defend their own interests and, of course, we are going to discuss the role of e-waste and the approaches policymakers carry out in regard with it.

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