Christmas is here, and so is the Ö3-Wundertüte one more year!

€6.300.000 could have been donated exclusively from the recycling of old mobile phones thanks to the Ö3-Wundertüte since 2005.

For those who are not yet familiar with it, the Ö3-Wundertüte initiative is a charity campaign promoted by Hitradio Ö3, the Austrian postal service, Caritas, and the Licht ins Dunkel telethon.

This proposal consists in recycling old and not used mobile phones sent by every volunteer participant and the money raised from reuse and recycling of the phones is donated to help families with children in emergency situations.

After this year of health alert and an unstable economic situation, there are unfortunately many families in extreme circumstances, who do not have enough money to pay their rents and cover their bare necessities.

However, such initiatives are only possible because e-waste is loaded with a huge variety of high-value precious metals (gold, platinum, among many others), what makes e-waste recycling a profitable activity which guarantees to close the loop for electronic materials and brings them back to market, while at the same time the economic success is secured, and the numerous negative environmental effects of landfilling, incineration and metal mining are avoided.

Did we finally find The Golden Goose?

Nothing could be further from the truth. The recycling process does not happen after the correct disposal and collecting just because. Many parts must come into play, so that the e-waste recycling becomes an economically and environmentally sustainable activity:

  1. E-waste must be mechanically properly treated and sorted.
  2. An effective and efficient recycling process must be implemented to extract the valuable materials.
  3. The valuable materials must be refined and re-introduced to the market with the appropriate quality.

UrbanGold GmbH plays that role for you. We help to achieve e-waste recyclers their business success by implementing recycling technologies and optimizing their operations thanks to our solid knowledge and years of experience in the e-waste recycling sector.

UrbanGold GmbH is your partner for metallurgical e-waste recycling. Together we can contribute to make a better world.


Licht ins Dunkel